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Private Money Lenders Texas Cash Out Refinance For Real Estate Investors

Cash out refinance loans for Texas real estate investors. We are direct hard money lenders helping investors unlock their equity from their investment properties. Helping you getting cash out your property.

Traditional lenders offering conventional loans have a much stricter underwriting guideline than private money lenders like us at Tidal Loans. Private money lenders are able to focus more on the borrower’s asset rather than their personal financials. This is how we are able to fund not only quickly, but provide private loans to borrowers with bad credit, and helping borrowers facing:

i. Foreclosure.
ii. Low Credit Scores.
iii. Low Income.

If you were turned down by the bank, give Tidal Loans a call for a free consultation!

How Does A Hard Money Cash Out Refinance Loan Work?

With a Hard Money Cash Out Refinance Loan, the borrower’s existing mortgage is replaced with our larger hard money cash out refinance loan. The difference between the existing mortgage and the larger hard money cash out refinance loan is cash that goes to you. Hence the term cash our refinance. Our hard money cash out refinance loan rates are lower than your typical credit card rate, making it a more affordable option.


Borrower has and existing mortgage = $50,000
The new Hard Money Cash Out Refinance Loan= $100,000
$100,000- $50,000
Cash Out = $50,000


Experience Credit Score MinimumInterest RatePointsAdvance Rate On RehabLTVProperty TypesPre-Pay PenaltyExtensionsLoan SizeLoan Terms
AnyNone9.99%-12.99%2-3100%Up To 60%Single Family, Multi FamilyNoAvailable0-$5M0-12 Months