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Hard Money Loan Investments

Generating substantial income while preserving capital

Are you seeking a low-maintenance, short-term, secured investment?
Looking to invest in real estate without the hassles associated with land lording or construction?
Are you an active real estate investors that wants to diversify their existing real estate portfolio with notes?

Hard Money Investments

Our loans are secured by a first lien position on real estate properties. Typically returns are between 8%-13%. At Tidal Loans, we make and services private, first lien loans to proven Austin, Houston and San Antonio real estate investors and developers. Our Loans are secured by real estate at a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70%.

How Do We Protect Your Investment

1. Low loan to value. Our loans generally have 30% or more equity. So if the property is worth $200,000, we would only lend up to $140,000

2. Investments properties only. We lend to professional investors not homeowners.

3. Construction supervision. A majority of loans have a repair escrow. We conduct physical site inspections, review paid receipts, permitting and lien releases before any draw is made.

4. First Lien Position: The loan is secured by physical property with a recorded Deed of Trust and Promissory Note, in desirable and marketable areas.

5. Foreclosures in Texas are very efficient for investment properties. Entire process takes about 45-days. If we have to foreclosure, we either receive full payoff or ownership of the property at auction.

6. Property Security. Title insurance and fire hazard insurance is secured on every loan. Title to the loan is recorded in investors name.