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Please email us all docs, 1.) Draw Request Form 2.) Invoices etc. to Or upload the docs on this page below.

I certify the listed repairs will be finalized in a professional manner prior to the referenced inspection date. I also understand if any portion of the draw items are not completed by the time of inspection, all or a portion of the requested funds will be withheld by Tidal Loans at our discretion. Items requested must be listed on the rehab proposal on file. Dollar amounts cannot exceed the amounts listed on the proposal for each item. If the city requires permits to be pulled for new construction or remodel, the city must inspect, and inspection must pass in order for funds to be released. Items not on the proposal and/or cost overruns are the responsibility of the borrower. Revisions to the rehab proposal must be submitted to Lender for approval.A standard inspection fee will apply. I authorize Tidal Loans to fund in accordance with the above-indicated instructions. I verify that the items in this draw request match the final rehab/repair estimate that was submitted to Tidal Loans prior to closing.

Ensure you note how the inspector can gain access to the property.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at 832-757-1262 or email us at

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