Private Lenders In Texas



There are several ways to finance your next real estate investment fixer-upper. One flexible option is funding your deals with private money. Private money loans are loans provided by a private lender, can be a individual or business. Your friend, family member, or someone you meet at your local REI meet up group can become your private lender. Private lenders will finance your deal as long as they believe in you, the investor, and can properly value the property. We are private lenders in Houston but lend all over the state. Real estate investors that seek out private lending for real estate investments are able to secure their deals with speed. At Tidal Loans, we are asset-based private money lenders for real estate. So, we are more concerned about the property value and not the borrowers credit score and financials, unlike conventional lenders, and even some hard money lenders. When looking to invest in a new market, knowing that market well is very critical, and that’s how we help our clients the most. We have over 50 years combined experience in this market and leverage our expertise by serving new and experienced investors.


SPEED- We are not as heavily regulated as traditional financing. We do all of our underwriting in house, meaning we have the final say on the approval and can close your deal FAST! After receiving title docs from the title company and valuations, we can close a few days afterwards.

RELIABILITY – In this market, finding off market deals is key, weather it is sourced by yourself or a wholesaler, it is critical that the seller is assured you have financing that can close in time despite how distressed the fixer-upper property is. Wholesalers prefer/require buyers to have either cash or private money to assign their contract, and for good reason.

Leverage- If you buy right, private hard money lenders can fund up to 100% of your purchase and rehab cost as long as it fits under their Max LTV. No money down hard money lenders like Tidal Loans still exist as long as the property is purchased well. That is why we are one of the premiere hard money lenders in Houston. Traditional financing will not do that. So, if you purchase the property low enough, you can scale your real estate business faster by keeping more money in your pocket and bringing less money at the closing table.

PRIVATE HARD MONEY LOANS FOR BAD CREDIT OR LOW INCOME- Asset based lending for real estate investors is crucial for self-employed investors who do not have the income to get approved for traditional financing. Luckily, private lenders can overlook that.

CONTROL- Real estate investors that utilize private money to purchase real estate have much more control over the deal. Traditional financing is much more regulated, with private lenders, you set the terms. Also, you can avoid expensive fees, most banks have pre-payment penalties that can eat into your profits.

Our private money loan programs are designed to help real estate investors; acquire distressed properties quickly to rehab and sell for a profit, attain cash out loans, complete wholesale deals, or build properties from the ground up. We have loan programs for every real estate investor:
Fix and Flip Loans– We provide asset based lending for real estate. This hard money loan program is designed for investors who seek to rehab/renovate a fixer upper and sell for a profit. We can provide up to 100% hard money lending financing for the purchase and rehab.
New Construction Loans –Builders and developers utilize this hard money loan program, they can complete multiple projects without getting capped like they would with conventional lenders. We can provide up to 100% of the construction cost.
Temp to Perm Loans– For our buy and hold investors seeking passive income. We assist our borrowers from start to finish, acquiring the property with our hard money financing, to refinancing out with a permanent loan with a lower fixed rate.
Hard Money Cash Out Refinance– When real estate investors have properties with a substantial amount of equity in it, this private money loan program helps them pull cash out of their investment. You can use the money to purchase another investment property or start a business venture. The money is your to do whatever you want with it.
Transactional Funding– Transactional funding no upfront fees.
Designed for wholesaler’s who need to double close with their seller. We can provide a proof of funds letter as well

Property Types All 1-4 unit properties and multi-family properties considered
Loan Types: Fix and Flip Loans, Temp to Perm Loans, Hard Money Cash Out Refinance Loans, Hard Money New Construction Loans, Transactional Funding
Markets Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and submarkets
Loan Amounts No Min- $5MM
Term 3 months – 5years
Rate Starts at 9%
Points 2-4%
LTV Up to 70% on “as is” or “as repaired” value if repairs are included
LTC Up to 100%


A hard money loan is a short-term, asset-based loan, that provides the funds for acquisition and repairs on investment properties. We are asset based real estate private lenders. The term “Hard” in hard money, just means the lender is underwriting the loan on a hard asset, such as real estate. They are short term loans that are backed by the asset rather than the credit and financial worthiness of the borrower. Hard money lenders tend to close much faster than traditional lenders and normally do not require as much down from the borrower.


One of the most compelling reason to use a hard money loan is speed. Our process is very simple and we don’t require tax returns and W-2’s or put borrowers through the hoops that banks will make you jump through.

If you are getting an excellent deal that needs to close quickly, a hard money loan could be the perfect solution.

Investors who have a number of outstanding loans are also served well by hard money loans. If you’ve reached your lender’s 4-loan or 10-loan limit, we can help you continue to leverage your real estate investments. Another major reason for using a hard money lender is receiving capital for rehab projects. Most conventional banks will not provide funds for repairs needed to fix up a distressed property, and unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t appraise well enough for the bank to fund. The beauty with hard money lenders like Tidal Loans, is we can provide fix and flip loans no money down. 100% of the purchase and repair cost, a leaving more money in your pocket!