Are you looking to invest in a new real estate market, but have no idea where to begin? Real estate investing can be an intimidating and complicated process. However, investing in a fast growing landlord friendly state like Wisconsin, that has an unemployment rate below 6%. You 

need a lender that has both the experience and knowledge of the Milwaukee Wisconsin market. That is exactly what Tidal Loans provides Milwaukee real estate investors – over 50 years of experience! 

Milwaukee Wisconsin Private Money Lenders 

Tidal Loans specializes in speed, simplicity, and above everything else, transparency. Tidal Loans offers Milwaukee Wisconsin real estate buy and hold investors competitive rental property loan rates and transparent pricing – there are no hidden fees or surprises when you work with Tidal Loans. We are able to fund our loans quickly by doing all of our common sense underwriting in house. 

Whether you are a new real estate investor or experienced with buy and hold investor, you probably don’t want to part with a considerable amount of cash up front or have your loan to be determined by your credit score or tax returns. This is where a reliable hard money lender in Wisconsin Like Tidal Loans can help. 

Hard Money Lenders in Milwaukee Wisconsin 

There are numerous hard money lenders in Wisconsin in which to choose, but Tidal Loans will offer a fast, easy, and transparent way to fund your next real estate project without worrying about your credit and DTI ratios. And, because Tidal Loans offer hard money loans, you won’t need to worry about putting a large amount of money down upfront while still getting your funds fast. 

What is a Hard Money Rental Loans in Milwaukee Wisconsin? 

A hard money loan is a form of short-term lending that is backed by the property itself – the asset, instead of our personal finances. A hard money loan doesn’t primarily focus on your credit score; instead, it focuses on your property’s after repair value. This value is used to

estimate what the property is worth. The term “hard” money means we are underwriting the loan on the “hard” asset – your property. 

Hard money loans are quick and convenient – they tend to close much faster than traditional loans and you don’t need to dig up your tax returns or deal with other banking issues as you would if your credit was on the line. If you have found a lucrative real estate option and want to close quickly, a hard money loan may be perfect because of its overall convenience. 

If you are an investor looking to scale your real estate investing business, Tidal Loans can help you continue to leverage your real estate investments as private lenders Wisconsin We also fund rehabilitation projects or properties that may be distressed, unlike conventional banks. A hard money lender like Tidal Loans can provide up to 100% of the purchase and repair cost, which essentially leaves you with more money in your pocket! 

Private Money Investment Property Loans We Provide 

Tidal Loans offers other private investment property loan options throughout the Wisconsin area. If you already have a property that needs funding, you can talk to us about our: 

Fix and Flip Loans -> 

We fund up to 90% of the Purchase Price and 100% of the Repairs. We allow 100% CLTV( 100% fix and flip loans), so seller can carry back a second note, allowing 100% of the purchase price and rehab amount to be financed. These loans are designed specifically for investors who are interested in rehab and renovations to a fixer upper that you’d like to then sell for profit. Allowing our clients to bring nothing but closing cost to the table! 

New Construction Loans -> 

Hard money lenders Milwaukee provide construction loans to builders and developers. These lenders offer financing up to 70% of the After-Construction Value and 100% of the hard construction cost. Unlike traditional loan institutions, hard money lenders Wisconsin could fund up to 85% Loan-to-Cost (LTC) even if you have bad credit. Real estate investors often use this type of loan for new construction projects because of the flexible terms, albeit at higher interest rates. In addition, these lenders could also assist with land acquisition, helping borrowers secure the investment property. This lending option, though more expensive than a conventional lender, can be quicker to close with fewer origination fees and closing costs. 

Rental Property Loans / DSCR Loan 

DSCR Loan Meaning: For our clients looking to hold their properties rather than flipping it. We offer a DSCR long term 30 or 40 year loan. What is a DSCR Loan? Our Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan is a type of financing commonly used in real estate investments. It measures the ability of a property’s income to cover its debt obligations. Rather than your personal income, as most banks would look at your personal DTI, we look at the properties DSCR.

DSCR Loan Requirements- We can provide a DSCR loan for Single Family Properties, 2-4 units, Multifamily properties, and Commercial Properties as well. We just need the following. 

1.) Minimum credit score of 600 

2.) Rent Ready Property 

3.) Minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio of at least .75 ( the higher the DSCR ratio the better the terms) 

Calculating DSCR.

The DSCR ratio is calculated by dividing the property’s net operating income (NOI) for multi-family properties, or the rent income for 1-4 unit properties, by its total debt service, including principal, interest payments, taxes and insurance. A higher DSCR ratio indicates the deal has a better ability to cover debt payments and typically comes with better rates. Our DSCR loans are often sought by investors looking to purchase or refinance income-generating properties, such as commercial buildings or multi-unit residential complexes or 1-4 units. At Tidal Loans, we offer competitive DSCR loans that cater to the unique needs of real estate investors, providing them with the financial support necessary to grow their portfolios and achieve their investment goals.. 

Our landlord loans are great for buy and hold investors. Our program allows our clients to grow their portfolio faster. Investors can pull out up to 75% of the appraised value, even if you owned the property for just a week. We do not verify income either, because we care about the property cash flow, not our clients. Our rates start at very competitive and are 30 year fixed terms, 30 year amortization, allowing our rental property investors to cash flow more each month! We even have a 40 year amortization option as well! 

Contact us today to explore our DSCR loan options and benefit from our expertise in the real estate lending industry

Airbnb Financing 

Airbnb Loans / Short Term Rental Loans: We provide our buy at property. 30-year fix rate up to 80% LTV. We know the struggle with financing for Airbnb properties that is why we came up with this loan option for our Airbnb hosts! Buying a house for short term rental to place on Airbnb or VRBO is easy with Tidal Loans. 

Transactional Funding 

For wholesaler’s who need to double close with their seller. Tidal Loans will fund 100% of the closing with no cash out of pocket. 

Multi Family Loans/ Mixed Used Loans 

Our program consists of minimal down payment for multifamily apartment real estate investors looking for apartment rehab loans. We do not have a DSCR requirement for our multifamily rehab loans. Up to 85% LTC, 90% CLTV and 100% of rehab funds. This exclusive loan program for apartment buildings provides you with the flexibility and leverage to profit on Multifamily & Mixed-use investment opportunities that may need rehab or low occupancy. We also offer a 30-year loan program for investors looking to cashflow their property long term. 

Commercial Property Loans-> 

We provide private commercial hard money loans for commercial real estate investors. We go up 65% LTV for our commercial bridge loans and commercial rehab loans. We offer 70% LTV and 80% CLTV on our long term commercial hard money loans at a 30 year amortization with a 30 year term. A commercial hard money loan is a good alternative to traditional bank financing when time is of the essence or borrowers don’t meet traditional guidelines for whatever reason. 

Milwaukee Wisconsin real estate investors feel free to reach out to us and see why we are considered to be one of the best hard money lenders in Wisconsin. We pride ourselves in offering a simple, fast, and transparent private money loan for your real estate investment needs. Avoid the red tape that goes along with bank financing and the time it takes to close traditional loan structures and look into a hard money loan with Tidal Loans

Economic Breakdown

30 Year Term 30 Year Amortization
Loan Amount- $148,800
Monthly Rental Income- $1700
Monthly Payment- $1386
Monthly Profit to Borrower $1062


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